Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 3, Morning

Well, Tonight is a sleepless night, as I'm still not feeling well. It's 4:15 am, and we are eating breakfast :). For breakfast this morning we had 1 egg, 2 apple cinnamon muffins with butter and hot tea. All pantry items :) We made up the muffins last night.

For lunch we have planned leftover turkey bowls, with the corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, turkey and gravy leftover from the last two days.

For supper we will have a ham steak (we bought a big bone in ham and sliced out some steaks from it, while they were on sale right before Christmas). We're gonna have buttered lima beans, frozen from the garden, with it.

We also made up last night some jello for today and some pudding that we ate as a snack last night. We're working on trying to eat through all of the expired and close to expired things in the pantry and freezer so that we can start out fresh.

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